Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Sometimes ego can be self-defeating. Like an idiot Agarwal-Ahuja type of client who sits on the second floor of Sarita Vihar, CEO of some construction company and his wife Aunty Binadevi is CFO and some cousins are fighting to be named promoter.
Promoter bannao promoter bannao as if they will tear that page from prospectus and frame it on the walls behind the rows of ivory elephants and bronze Natarajas on display.

Not knowing being identified as promoter jails your shares and potentioally yourself also.
Anyway I ended the fight by clapping like a school sports teacher (the 24 year old women types who are basically just waiting to get married) and saying OK enough. The eldest 3 from Binadevi's side of the family also get the prospectus-title of promoter

Suddenly everyone was quiet and I thought things would change and noise would start but they remained quiet as if I had charmed them.

Then I noticed that my shirt was quite nice on way back. Light blue with only a mild suggestion of a vest inside. I need to find vests which won't reveal the contours it looks too unposh especially when the Brahmin thread shows.


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