Monday, July 14, 2008

How Intellectual I Am

I am listening to the air
Hearing the quiet music there
Sense and cadence
Melodies bent by memories' lens
And look now
The sound wave curls
Like the hair
Of a favourite ghost


I hope y'all are suitably impressed. Don't write me any fan mail, women. Remember, all pre-offical mails will be vetted by Mummy and Menu Aunty also.

Bye. I am thinking of filing a PIL re how unclear the SCRR, 1957 is not clear in its letters and fetters, and I have locus and all that coz I am investor, a potential investor, an advisor to SEBI-registered intermediaries, and above all a lawyer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...for the first time, this blog's owner's not confused about her true identity....

Nice to see "Happy-LAWYER-HOUSEWIFE" back in action...and wielding that keyboard at 'ten-paces'....

5:23 AM  

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