Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Slapping Girl-Associate

Slapping Girl-Associate returned to office in the afternoon, hair open, party-eyed with rumpled collar, tinsel on cheekbone, and I knew she had attended an imaginary kick-off meeting.

Anyway I told her about government trust vote and all and she was like "big deal".

That's when you feel stupid; when you say something with spiked voice and big eyes, and then the other person lies: big deal.

Next time she mentions how data rooms are just bare walls and she is forced to sit there and how I should complain to Company on her behalf and tell-to-bankers, I will also say: big deal. Atleast in my mind.

She has put on 2-3 kilos. Her cheekbones have disappeared along with any office-morals.
Now I can see ger giggling on her desktop- I am sure someone on Google chat is flirting with her. It could even be me since I am also G-talking her now though in the same office. Y'll won't understand- it is a mid-20s Thing.

I will not tell her about weight gain and get booked for some harrassment thing. Who cares. Let her finish all the client-cookies. I have lost 1 kilo after I turned to low-fat milk. And that's what counts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you know about me so well?

Slapping-Girl Associate

4:25 AM  

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