Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Irrelevant Song

Like the points some people raise (esp Advert Agency Guy commenting on Issue Procedure), this song is irrelevant and a non-issue.
But anyway.

A quick rhyme for the Times

If I Go
[clap with wannabe head-banging; an electronic guitar]

If I ever leave the Firm
Will associates weep
Will flowers flow
Sweet like soulful songs on sites

Will I have to settle
A law suit
Or just settle for
Something cute
Like a toy-bell

Or will someone
Shoot my photo
(With spiky hair, in an expensive chair, looking thin and looking fair)
And splash it and cash it
As gossip news! For industry views!
Pretty girls will deduce
While pretending to DD
If I was made an offer
That would make anyone greedy?
Or maybe I found the office-place
Like, way uncool and DDD s33DY
Older men and older ladies
Who actually remember the 80s
Will unwind themotives, the future of the profession
In a disguised girly gossip session
Will associates be free of tension
Will some turn labour union leader
And claim pension

[Garish girls and and bitchy boys
I will be glad for their glad joys]

Will I be a losing recruiter's muse
Will some confuse
My going for the Firm's
For the market's faith
In Indians, in men, and will some for fun
Say things like
When will Local Firms learn?
Shifting the onus
For a better bonus...

Will most feel glad
And say with
Empty coffee cups
Like bored pups
I was mostly bad
Just a fad
A handsome lad

If I go
Will They chatter
Like I actually matter
Or will my inbox be just
Of Orkut scraps
Saved from auditors
Comfort letters
The circling drum
In an inapporpriate forum?
Will some let
Their sweet upset
Like old velvet

If I go
Will I turn
Will I
Ever return
And when I do
I hope as you do
That I look as young
After stacks of RHPs
Are strung
After a thousand WG mails are spun
After Risque songs are sung
Yes I hope
I look as young

Chorus [In a wannabe-Amercian accent]
I look as young
I look as young
[In a wannabe-posh UK accent]
I look as young
I look as young


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