Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yesterday was Bhaidoojh and something odd happened. I knew it was coming for some time but anyway.

I was in Bombay and had gone to the office of this Brijesh-banker to make a presentation (which is a way of saying don't forget us just because there's no closing anytime soon) and when everyone had left the room on some pretext or another, Brijesh shut the door. And started talking very casually of a recent amendment about composition of Board of directors. I suddenly knew where he was going and put a plate of biscuits between us which I kept rotating to show I didn't care much about the outcome of the conversation.

Anyway, so from Brijesh's talk went to the amended understanding of "related to promoters" in the listing agreement [more entities deemed to be related]; from there a brief deviation to related parties transactions and AS-18; and back to what I scented was the story- "relatives".
I was swirling the biscuit plate at a turbine rate and it almost generated electricity. No yaar-yaar, no back-pat, no tease like the old times.

I knew it was all over when I saw a silk thread hanging limp from the laptop bag of Brijesh. "Mil gaya" Brijesh said slipping out the rakhi.

Not that he tied it but he sorted of handed it over to me in a check-this-out way, like it was a gizmo or something. "Technically this is a Rakhi thing but whatever dude" he said good-naturedly in a way Shah Rukh may say with the nervous laugh at the end.
So I slipped it in my pocket and was like- "Now we will watch out for each other, Bridge. This is a pact, man. Remember that when you circulate the next last-minute deadline without consulting me!"

I hoped this made things easier and less odd and even grabbed a biscuit casually (which I didn't eat entirely due to the diet regime, just pretended to drop it soon with an oh-f).

And we walked out of the room quickly reading old messages on our phones.


Blogger greenapplemartini said...

hi happy housewife.

i have been following your post for quite sometime and i enjoy reading it. seems like your a caps markets lawyer too (i too am in the same boat - maybe we know each other, for its a small world out here!).

i have recently started a blog called greenapplemartini. would reqest you to look at it, if you have the time and give me some suggestions to improve it.


11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats this green apple...avoid her pieces...they are, well, best avoided!!!

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how the fuck do u know anon? and from the looks of it, she hasnt written anything in a long long time

12:29 PM  

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