Friday, September 26, 2008

Superior Quality Writing for my Fine Readers

There are a few stray folks in this industry who like to think that it's like a Miss Word Contest. Everyone has to be ranked, that too in swimwear rounds.
For them: welcome to the anti-party (i.e. a concept that is diametrically opposite to the word "party"). Life is bigger than that, richer, and actually there is no one single race.

Separately, there was a constructive comment re my blog writing- there are too many connections made. I address this comment here. Regular readers, skip and move on to SEBI amendments. Over-reactive response (because I have like, so much time?):

True. I presume an evolved reader. And well, that is literary style dahling (or is that too girlish? why can only pretty girls be defensive and insecure and pass it off as cuteness?)

Connections in the literary worlds are tributes to the power of the metaphor: this silly blog is as good a place to learn about it as any. For example, the Shakespearean storms for turbluence (I got 94% in ICSE ). My favourite lands of metaphors are the writings of James Joyce and Virginia Woolf. This is different from magical realism where reality mingles with fantasy to evoke a feeling, a drama such as in Gabriel Garcia's fiction.

Now, take for example, the reference to Miss World in the first para of this post. The aspect of Ms. World invoked is: a focussed single competition with a large audience, and towards a dubious purpose, ironically of a feature-beauty-that even contestants admit cannot be measured; a competition which is almost a charade (as conveyed in the premise of the English-movie Ms. Congeniality).

I hope that was useful. I feel intellectual anyway.

At the cost of repition: when I write, I presume it is for evolved audiences. For the layman in Ahmedbabad, I write DRHPs.

[Over-reactive response ends]
Today is Saturday and man, I miss my bike. Esp in the Noida highway. It was fun being poorer. Bye-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


When does Smug Housewife see the face of the world? What do we get to see there?

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Happy Associate said...

Sorry for the delayed reply. You are probably a woman ("lovely" is a female word) and hence this mind game from a smart dude like me.
Smug Housewife will surface soon. Till then, check out

9:33 PM  

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