Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Slapping Girl-Associate caught me reading a Tinkle. If things couldn't get more uncool, I was smiling at a story with Doob Doob the crocodile.
She said, "Oh I like mainstream children's literature as well... especially of the heartland kind." As usual thinking she is very intellectual (and pretty also).
So I was like, "Usually I have a colonized view of literature so anything Euro works."
This was a smart statement. It was actually a spoof on her shallow mind. It also redeemed the Tinkle.
Then she started complaining about how other counsel had not accepted her escrow agreement comments as if it was some sort of marriage proposals all strung into a Word garland.
Sometimes I feel like picking up a Tinkle and reading during long drafting sessions where the ILC is arguing with the auditor over comfort letter and I am a Co counsel. But to do all-that is bad and plus I would have to cover Tinkle in newspaper paper like girls do to MillsnBoon in school.
I've read enough MillsBoons to know that they are the cause of a lot of painful fairydust in women's eyes. I know you've read them too dudes, let's not be insecure. I've read enough Maxims to compensate for those anyway.
Bye. I know this wasn't funny but I am not paid to entertain you. Get out.


Blogger Perakath said...

Entertaining nevertheless... ok I'm leaving

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

an insecure moment in the life of the happy housewife...

12:34 AM  

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