Monday, October 27, 2008

A Difficult Situation

Just 1 minute before mailing a draft , my control-find stopped. I did not have an option to delay the draft by even a minute because a banker had called me stating that the client really needed to see a few emails etc so I should mail "whatever there is done so far like in 20 min max ASAP". Plus intern-boy I discovered had not accepted ANY of my review comments. That is what happens when you smile at an intern so much and discuss intimate details such as razors for legs, your first X-Box and how you cried when you lost the yellow plastic bat 20 years ago and could not play bat-ball with the servant's son for a week.

So employee reservation and all was showing in the draft and this looks as bad as the strap of a vest and brahmin thread showing over an expensive shirt in a drafting session.

So I sucked a deep breath. Said OK-fine to the banker. I even added a smiley since this banker Brijesh, he had not teased me for a long time with that Delhi "yaar"-"hero" style.

And so the draft was mailed to all with the armour of a long cover letter using the sly phrase "working draft"*. I even added- and this is a tip I picked up from an ILC- a line to the effect that if parties wished they were free to comment on the draft though it was in an initial stage and we would circulate a draft by thursday for comments.

Noone with much self-respect could then comment on the draft with these masterstrokes in the cover letter.

This is how I met a deadline where I had 20 minutes notice and the Control Find was not working.

Frankly, I can't believe you are actually reading this.

I'm hedging my bets about how I will turn out- a housewife or a lawyer (yeah guys I know I'm a dude and all so the housewife bit is just metaphor. It will also help me if I decide to apply for the Cheveing, mixed up identities and all). This is my other forum to be read, entertain and in a subversive way, make a few subtle points while indulging in what keeps me going: writing. I think my writing is original and to prove this, I invite your attention to my Issue Procedure sections.

Bye. Go bitch about someone.

*Noone can seriously comment on a working draft unless one is admittedly vain and just likes the strokes of one's pen being admired by scattered bankers in Nariman Point, lawyers and a company secretary in Bilaspur.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I had commented here earlier.


When does Smug Housewife see the face of the world? What do we get to see there?"

You had asked me (or maybe, my female alterego) to go to another particularly interesting website. Curious whether your posts as the smug housewife would be on those lines...

[I was tempted to start this comment with Hey Honey instead of just Hey... my alterego you see...]

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i resent the comment about the brahmin thread...retract it!

10:49 AM  

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