Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Shop Called Posto

Why do girls spend so much on clothes? If they are pretty they don't need to spend so much. If they are not pretty, then they should invest in cooking classes. Especially chaat-pakauri.

In any case, they say women shop so they are opted in by other women. But I feel that' s like paying for popularity. Also it's a bell curve. If you are good beyond a point, then you get bitched about. I mean, how many girl-friends does Aishwariya have? Or even Jennifer Aniston (if theories appeal to you more if there are 2-3 white faces). Women should face the fact that there will always be critics. Some say Aishwariya is too plastic. Now if a face like that can be criticized then how much hope can a snake-skin purse buy you? Likewise, some say Jendidi is just good hair. Some say Kareena is too thin. At the cost of repitition, if these type of women are not spared, do you think you will be?

You can consider this insulting to women, this post. Or you can call it a wake-up call. Find your value elsewhere. Else you will be like a girl-associate in the team who bought a pair of leather shoes at Khan Market at a price close to monthly salary mostly coz the salesman "looked Italian and hated Pizza Hut" and the shop was called Posto. Later Slapping Girl Associate told her that the shopkeeper was a hire from a youth hostel (just a tourist saving up for drugs) and as for Posto, the shop belonged to a Bengali man and posto was his grandmother's favourite Bengali sweet-dish.

Bye. Write me mails at bshareen@gmail.com if you wish. It is better than leaving comments on this blog, like a passing Road Side Romeo.

Remember for all pre-marriage mails are read by Manju Aunty. All mails of praise or disguised praise by young straight women are deemed to be pre-marriage mails.


Blogger Anwesha Chatterjee said...

posto indeed.
Please Manju Aunty, I am slim, fair, convent-educated, homely girl who can cook posto and embroider initials onto a handkerchif with chain stitch. I also know how to sing Mira ka Bhajan and I fast on thursdays.

11:16 AM  

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