Thursday, September 07, 2006


"I am dying," said Amost New Associate. He flipped his tie behind his shoulder like women do with the tails of their saris.
This flip-tie look is only good on TV, that too remember you have to be good-looking enough for the director to be interested in sleeping with you first.
The flip-tie look isn't for guys for whom college days are a distant memory, and who work till morning to midnight, and order dhaaba food. Or even pretend to work that long- in either case they are not getting exercise. Guys who think some foreign-shirt and foreign male fragrance can compensate for their fading sex appeal.
The flip-tie look is probably the equivalent of a woman tucking in her sari-tails into her petticoat-it means, look at me, I am busy.
The flip-tie look can work only when the tie's label can set Madison Avenue on fire, and then all it means is, look- here is this cool tie I spent a bunch of money for, I am better than you. Then you unflip it casually.


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