Saturday, September 29, 2007


I am back after an expensive holiday in Rishikesh where I white-water rafted and also secretly visited the temples at night.
Anyway now I am so stacked with work that to buy time I have started asking clients for all sorts of back-ups e.g. education certificate of the architect whose quote is stuck on objects section and also his family chart to do a random check on related party transactions.
Also I have started telling them things like boss at this rate the SEBI cover letter will be thicker than the DRHP so better get those back-ups.
Also when I caught the Company Secretary guy alone (door was open obviously) I said sir if preferable in KPM section also put star signs of the personnel and cited some precedent which had so many initials and that too out of South India that he would not check. South India rang the Purvankara alarm bell and I said see sun signs and all just add the good vibes you know. Then he said OK tell left side bankers to arrange prints of DRHP for SEBI submission in some sort of light orange Ganeshji imprint cool wedding card type stationery. I said OK let me see if I can start some sort of trend.
Bye and keep reading. I know you love it.