Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The draft red herring prospectus I was making was born under a bad star. First, it caught viruses. Then, other things which cannot be disclosed, but the kind of injustices that could drive 80s Amitabh to ring the temple bell in an angry way.
So in current version of the document, to prevent nazar, I have put a bullet point on the top right corner, like they do on baby's faces.
Also, the ad agency guy has once again started commenting on my Issue Procedure chapter. I met him once and that is what is causing all-this, I suspect. Anyway, he has long grey hair, curly and I fear commenting on the ads (disclaimer missing or when it is there then not legible, just to look vigilant) because then he will find more reasons to call me to meetings in GK I M Block CCD. Once he called me, and I went also with a laptop as a weapon, and then it emerged that he was the only other person. He meant it was a meeting between him and me, as usual, Issue Procedure, refund warrants and what not.
Hate to break this to y'all, but this is a tough life. And there is a saying [I am rambling coz I know you have so much time to waste] that when the going gets tough the tough get going but point is- going where? You can even go to hell. Idiots.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Working Hardt

Slapping Girl-Associate asked me, "So what's the deal with the hospital sector?"
I could have said something witty like it's sick but I do not want people making fun of my aborted deals so I was like, "Nothing." And shrugged, like a moody genius with deep eyes and an even deeper voice.

She shrunk away and melted slowly, a spoonful of malice.

At night I cried because I had done so much DD on some issue that was still born. My teddy bear is still wet.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


I am thinking of learning a new language and can't make up my mind between Bhojpuri and German. I visited Germany for a few days on on acquisition so that is the normal choice by Bhojpuri is closer to my Indian values.

These types of dilemmas offen occupy my mind but it's better to have a coffin with a corpse than an empty coffin if you know what I mean. Sounds intellectual anyway.

Also, when will winter end? I wear a monkey-cap hoping noone will recognize me but the other day some girl was asking why I travel in a woolen veil. I wanted to say what sort of decent girl stares at boys in neighbouring cars but did not as I felt bad for her.

Anyway listed companies should not do FPOs. QIPs are so much quicker and easier. Anyway can you convince a teenage girl to change her hairstyle to one of your choice? I prefer blunt cut but they say blunts are "so-90s" think they will come back in the 2010s but I will always keep my hair on the shorter side.