Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So many files around me, I think I will be cemented by files like Anarkali. I took off the Al Pacino from my screensaver as one thin peon started winking at me after he saw that on my comp. Bastard, I feel so violated I have stopped wearing half-sleeved shirts for 2-3 days only long-sleeved decent ones.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Al Pacino Update

ok, so i just saved al pacino as my desktop saver. if some idiot asks "why u have saved him?" i will first say "do u know who he is?" half of them won't recognize him, and will die at the shame of not being able to recognize a white hollywood star. the other ones, i will tell them, yeah i feel i am like him so well-educated yet driven by a family pressure of having a high income into all-this dirty work, due diligence and all.
to those of them who still look unconvinced, i will pierce them with my Al Pacino eyes and that tilt of the head, and say "Now, I just wanted to see how many of your are staring at my screen. Where my documents sleep, and where I play with my toys." In the alterning volumes of Al Pacino.


I have stopped having my male crush on SRK. Al Pacino [frozen in time. Godfather being the effective date] is my new secret model.
If I were a woman, I would have gone for him. In fact, even as a man... Anyway forget it.
You fucks should be working instead of reading this crap.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Today I drank Magic Mango from Safal. It's like Frooty. The odd thing is sipping it with a tiny straw in that light yellow tetrapack. I don't know, I felt odd. Next time I will pour its contents into a glass and then drink. Looks posher that way anyway. Can you imagine some senior partner sipping Frooty at a meeting?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Today we got a memo from the firm [HR spam which I normally delete before reading] that there will be no heating in the office and we should all carry 1-2 thick razaais to keep warm in the cubicle.
Now I have to think what to get. I have 1 Jaipuri and 1 Singaporean red/green type. Their textures and colors don't match. I mean I want to look classy not that I am always thinking of all this.
Obviously I am also busy with 2-3 mergers, and some other agreements. My only nightmare is if the Control+Find stops working.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


What happy birthday gift do I get for my boss? Should I get one? What if some others give it to him in private, though the team claims noone is giving him anything.
Crystal? I wish I had a wife man it looks fucking gay that oh he must have taken a rick to GK I M Block and fucking bought a crystal cat.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Boy bonds

Do boys also have maturity periods like bonds? I am thinking of starting a sort of fantasy stock market trading platform where you can trade boys and girls. I mean, not literally but you know, the profiles. I will have to tie-up or something. Fair girls with homely values can be blue chips but there's a time frame after which they become junk stock. NRI boys also like that.
Every trader can set his own module and trade.
It happens with fantasy football.
I wonder what I will be valued. Maybe I will have to ask a hundred rakhi-sisters to keep sending me messages. That will be like insider-trading but.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Something like what a Dickinns would say I think every happy associate is happy in his own way but every unhappy one has a different story. I am happy. Everyone else is not.
Anyway, yesterday some Christian gave me christmas cake. It was nice. I have added this to the list of what I want my wife to know. And then my Punjabi landlord knocked and I offered him this cake. He put it on his forehead like it was prasad. Some crumbs even fell on his nose.
Anyway now my rent is higher by a thousand bucks. I am too proud to move-what will they think, this guy can't afford this much.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Foreign Firm Commenter

Some one has left a nice comment on the Foreign Law Firm post. Please send me your photo also. If you are in States I will be your H4B visa husband. You can work, and then also make some cool dahi vadas after work so we retain our cultural values. Hopefully because climate is cold there our kids will be fair.