Thursday, April 03, 2008


there is a rumour that you are leaving for linklaters slapping girl-associate said to me.
a single curl played on her cheek, slyly hiding a pimple.
i know, i answered and she unsmiled. i also know you started the rumor.
sometimes i do not know why she has a crush on me; she keeps finding excuses to come to my cubible, ask a question (usually to generate gossip about myself), ask why i have not done my bit of Approvals section etc.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Talking again

CFOs are like rich toddlers. They want new toys to play with all the time. With current market valuations, QIPs are just a memory. (I love quickie DDs so I will miss them); IPOs are not happening so some CFOs are toying with buy-backs- atleast it will increase EPS as shares will decrease; or bonus which is like a child messing in its own porridge bowl as it just rearranges; and changes nothing except ofcourse you can offer your shares at a lower price to the public while retaining your dignity and valuation.

Anyway so one girl with a loose character approached me for "dinner and drinks" Now I am a little confused: does this mean dinner followed by drinks at a separate cooler venue or does it mean dinner and then alchohol alongside instead of fresh lime soda? Or is it some sort of code word for cheap behaviour?

Luckliy I don't care coz I am so busy attending imaginary kick-offs. Bye. Wear some lipstick.