Friday, August 31, 2007

This and that for idle readers

Some law firm has decided to carry the Blackberry dispensation too far. One Orkut-girl interning there got a Blackberry. She was saying what fun playing Bricklayer and all then I realized she got Blackberry coz she was made to pose as senior associate which meant she was trained in orientation to not make notes furiously on notepad while discussion was going on as freshers do as if it is the lecture of a star-professor.

Anyway this Orkut-girl has now added me as fan to her Orkut but now I am insecure about being seen so much on Orkut coz it shows noone from my class has invited me to Facebook which has arrived in India after it has lost cliquey popularity in US which it had around 2004. Don't know when Friendster will arrive- the Original social networking "tool" of 2003 which has now been replaced by MySpace etc. See how cool I am to know about American trends in fact I am doing 2-3 Overseas Direct Investment deals also ofcourse those are tiny companies but good for glamour value but wish they were not of drainage pipes and other contraction-type of things but in entertainment, online space instead. Note use of space as cool adjective used by VC types to say we are too smart to understand this industry it's just numbers anyway which are fungible.
I am rambling so you must be severely underemployed to be reading this that too on Friday evening when everyone is free and wild enough to officially get online and chat without feeling so much guilty.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thoughtfully yours and kind regards

I am reading Wind in the Willows after years. Childhood is so precious-guavas trees, marbles, kites, Doordarshan, Gems, birthday balloons and video parlours.

Let us not forget the child in us. I mean not like imagining dudes like me are pregnant but you get the drift.

Separately, I cannot publish certain comments which identify people too closely. It takes away from the harmless humour of this writing. I have been getting comments on a certain public policy team for instance, and while a few notes are fine, the boderline between malice and Nobel Prize-worthy legal writing is clear like summer skies in a desert afternoon. Please do not deprive me of the Nobel Prize for Literature or my place atleast as a footnote of a Legal South-East Asia 2500.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Read on

So drafting session got cancelled coz promoters wanted to celebrate rakhi [they are brother-sister founders of notebook company]
Thing is, I am hearing some sort of conversions are going on inNLS type places. Someone is converting to Islam, some to homosexuality, and some are returning to their comfortable alcoves deep within the velvet closet.
Now I should also convert. Best thing would be to convert Euro to dollars and rupees hee hee.
Some pimple above my mouth is not going away. If it continues for more than a week I will visit Kaya Skin Clinic and take a neice along so if I am caught people will think I am accompanying her coz she is shy of doctor and all. Bye.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Rakhi is coming and on same day one drafting session is there to discuss Objects of the Issue. Now everyone knows companies do IPOs to be known and read about by friends and neighbours. Atleast that is the psychological impulse. Just like why some people blog.
Anyway scare is that one banker says too much "you are like my brother, yaar, " poking me everytime in different place so next time he says that there is suspense re where he will poke.
So am just hoping you know he does not give me rakhi or worse still a 1992-3 type "friendship band" Already I have to spend so much time housecleaning Orkut coz he could message also any time like "nice pic" "hey am in Delhi today- want to catch up?"
Why can't he just send me sms, anyway so what is the "general corporate purpose" anyway ECB Guidelines says you can't take loan for that some banker was asking for "legal definition" of general corporate purpose so I said there is none and here is what I think and I am your lawyer so from me it become legal definition.
Bye fuckers bitch about yourselves to your own self-it is some sort of meditation.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Rival Firm Girl Lawyer

I asked some girl of Rival Firm why she was not happily-marrried yet so she said, "Oh I have become like Delhi office of your firm: it's easy to hire guys but tough to retain."
So then I took out my phone and pretended to check for client sms'es coz I felt so uncomfortable hearing such cheap sort of talk from a girl. I

also had to tell her I was not interested coz anygirl so frank means she is trying to show interes so I said, "Yeah these days I am so busy I have no time."

She is like, yeah and boasted of how she was busier. But I see her Orkut scraps at like 1 pm then 3:40 pm then 5 pm on working days.

When I was about to comment romatically about India Gate and its charms to show she was just a woman and sexualize the conversation, she said in sing-song voice: "But isn't it true most work is in Bombay office for you-guys, not in Delhi anymore?"

I just replied by flashing my iPod Nano (unfortunately that idiot website I bought from sent it in pink].

To make the victory more pronounced, some banker called [I had given him missed call slyly] about complex Objects of the Issue stuff you know, I said yeah-yeah and this-that, and that company has appraisals so you gotta put that in coz of DIP and what-not, and by the time we were under the crowder flyover, I had also said yaar 4-5 times to establish proximity with the banker.

But now I fear this Brijesh banker will get too over-friendly and pat me and all in drafting sessions and then say let's meet for drinks like just him and me what the fuck.

Anyway so I basically won.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thought for the day

Today I want to be beside a campfire, getting a foot massage by a boy or girl whatever who the fuck cares. Peach lotion, aromatherapy, a Mills & Boon.

Maybe reading a red, which is a cool way of saying some sort of prospectus before liablity kicks off.

It is a 19.2(b) IPO which basically means using a specific template and changing a couple of things. This is complex stuff not like add a drag-along here, cut a tag-along there and make a circus over like 10 pages of some FEMA regs worded as simply as Enid Blyton's Noddy.

Oh, and 2-3 bankers are there in the drafting session who don' t use enough hair gel and keep smiling at each other as if they have just seen a lacy bra strap of the safari suit of company-counsel Girish Sir.


Friday, August 10, 2007


I wish I could just drive a jeep into the sea. I mean not ALONG the sea= the coast/beach. But INTO meaning inside the sea.
I wish I didn't have to teach you guys prepositions through this blog. You really ought to improve your grammar, you know, beeches, saying sir-sir and pretending you are in army camp can only get you so far.
Anyway, I want to drive into the sea and then melt into the waves.
Nooone will miss me except family and friends and fans and ex-fans and clients and Orkut buddies and Airtel maybe and ex-friends... Fuck thats quite a list.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Sometimes ego can be self-defeating. Like an idiot Agarwal-Ahuja type of client who sits on the second floor of Sarita Vihar, CEO of some construction company and his wife Aunty Binadevi is CFO and some cousins are fighting to be named promoter.
Promoter bannao promoter bannao as if they will tear that page from prospectus and frame it on the walls behind the rows of ivory elephants and bronze Natarajas on display.

Not knowing being identified as promoter jails your shares and potentioally yourself also.
Anyway I ended the fight by clapping like a school sports teacher (the 24 year old women types who are basically just waiting to get married) and saying OK enough. The eldest 3 from Binadevi's side of the family also get the prospectus-title of promoter

Suddenly everyone was quiet and I thought things would change and noise would start but they remained quiet as if I had charmed them.

Then I noticed that my shirt was quite nice on way back. Light blue with only a mild suggestion of a vest inside. I need to find vests which won't reveal the contours it looks too unposh especially when the Brahmin thread shows.