Monday, October 15, 2007

Taking the plunge!

I am planning to take the plunge and straighten my hair.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Today I was just humming some English song softly and some senior bitch crept behind me and said hey I saw your draft why do you use circular definitions?
I was like what is that some sort of blush-on or rouge for your stupid face or what to give some cheekbones (I have good face structure like Dhoni by the way)
So she's like see stabbing a thumb on a page to which I said oh-ok which I meant you must be really bored to have these type of changes. Why is it wrong anyway?


Extraordinary General Meeting

Monday, October 08, 2007

yeh filing nahin ho saktee

This Very Young Associate from The Other Firm called me saying he is so happy with his work and all so I said dude it is 11 pm are you on some sort of substance you are calling me at this hour on a Tuesday that too to unbitch.
Anyway when company was changing its mind about everything including KMP salaries and issue size like a US teenage girl before a prom, and we had to file or wait for 6 months due to accounts (and lose face also) this Very Young Associate like the little boy in the crowd who called out in the Emperor's New Clothes (see how well-read I am?) said "this filing cannot happen. Too much is left."
Everyone protested that it can wtf when they all knew in their hearts there would be no filing. We carried on working waiting for some bakra in the group to say let's snap the laptops shut it's obvious this won't happen.
Why should I say, like the younger sister of a brother-in-law arbitly saying "yeh shaadi nahin ho saktee" for marriage of girl from another family.
So anyway we worked till 3 am like soldiers of a losing army and then at the first snap of a laptop the other laptops snapped like dominos and we went home with long faces hoping somone would suggest a beer party.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Today I made a small error. In shaving I had cut myself so I was distracted hoping the nick goes away else I have to apply coconut oil or something women use post-pregnancy to erase stretch mark.
And New Girl Associate behind was humming loudly to attract my attention to herself that too some old non-cheap sort of song about a lamp dying for lack of kerosense, moths and all.

Anyway I ended up sending Australian client some mail from my Gmail account not realizing I was Orkutting also so this was from Gmail ID made by a wannabe-girlfriend and she signed me for Gmail as "HarleyD"
Now if I send mass KINDLY IGNORE LAST MAIL message I know that everyone marked will drop everything else and read THAT mail
In fact best way to get your mail read is to send it as KINDLY IGNORE and then that can contain a cool text like
Now that you are finally reading my e-mail, please note that my comments have not been incorporated in BRLMs MoU. I had sent these late last week... [whine]

Anyway now I am hoping they think it is my secretary's ID why would decent Indian boy with a serious job do all-this on Gmail. Fuck I am a little nervous though for first time or maybe second or third in my life.

Monday, October 01, 2007


PR manager of some company that's going to list soon but hasn't filed DRHP wants to advertise a little bit. Now fuckers that is fine coz it's past practice was also to advertise a little bit and all hush about IPO and all. It is like circulating a 18 year old girl in marriage parties knowing that it is implied and all know that the family is looking to dilute family equity but are not open about it as yet.
Now what I did while making hand-written comments on the draft advertisement which showed hills, and houses and swings and all which I then scanned and sent is this:

I added few birds in the sky with a few deft stokes of the Mont Blanc pen (gifted as some sort of dowry by my cousin-brother's wife's cousin-brother.)

I am feeling now a little nervous coz I hope they don't spot pen strokes and ask a question in which case I can say that is a SEBI loophole in market these three birds drawn at an obtuse angle in left corner of sky in advertisement is secret symbol that IPO is coming.


But I would rather not talk to advertising guys coz I have heard they wear different type of clothes and are a little that-sort.

Bye, and feel good about Gandhi. If he had not led the country into freedom, soem foreign firms atleast Tin Circle ones would be hiring us as lawyers in separate rooms doing lawyers work but paralegals pay that too in Trichoor.